The Secret To Video Analysis Is Revealed

In particular Dartfish itself is a really seamless process you film the kids you the author that video or they author the video you publish it you make it available for download and it gets viewed it’s a it’s a really simple process the power of self generated video is an inner there’s a multitude of important things that are used for video and and I guess the power of how the video is used but to give you a really quick snapshot it will improve and strengthen the knowledge of your students it will enable you to complete the loop of learning and what I mean by that is that it will enable you to be able to add visually too.

your learning so many times in our teaching environment we will give our feedback if we do your feedback and then the student will generally need to use the knowledge of results of what it is that they’ve done is their feedback there’s not a lot of knowledge of performance given to them video allows you to do that a legend to do it live or after the class the third one is one of the ones that I really love and that is that video allows you to extend the learning beyond the class and the thing that I guess I really love about that is that the kids take the video home they put it on Facebook they put it on their youtube.

Account they use the Video Analysis¬†¬†they created themselves in a social media setting and there simply must be learning when they do that there simply must the quantum physics behind this is that if they see it they look at it and they’re-utilizing it there must be a learning associated with it which I love other thing is that it allows the students to develop an independent and personal learning it really allows them to be able to independently review their work and the kids why generation beyond love to learn that way excuse me one sip of my uh soda water Dartfish allows a really genuine interactive experience our learners and this is athletes and students worldwide are asking for and demanding digital media and they want.