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Keeps registration details of domain names or websites so I’m going to put in his domain name which is slick right electricians in Lincoln co up okay I will do a who is search now-basically what this gives us is on the left hand side down here registry for who is electricians in Lincoln co UK domain name there we are registrant Michael young that’s me em young marketing okay.

A little bit further down we have relevant dates this is the most important thing registered on the twenty-fourth of January now at time of producing this video that you’rewatching now that was approximately-eight weeks ago now this is from building the website to getting showing on the first page of google now what you have to remember is this customer of mine never had any web presence whatsoever beforehand is nows howing on the first page of google position number four his phone is ringing now five or six times a day compared to nothing eight weeks ago so what basically does your room your website and your first page of Google listing entail well if we just click on here website design what you actually get for the cost is pretty much everything you see here.

It’s all your design work or Lincoln Web Design your custom header your sales copywriting months hosting free first year come or go co dot UK’ domain name now it says five email addressed here but you can actually have unlimited email addresses at your business name either co UK or com now this has a lot more credibility than a Hotmail or Yahoo email address your initial search engines optimization and Google indexing guaranteed that’s guaranteed the first page of Google listing free updates to your website while we host it Facebook integration if you want it also Twitter now we’ll set up your email so it gets sent to your smartphone so you can never ever.

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England I grew up in a poor family with hardly any luxuries my dad was on low income and had to support a family of six and mom was a housewife his main priority was to get us through a decent education and that’s what really mattered to him web design boulder I knew I had a serious responsibility to help the family when my dad was diagnosed with1lung cancer so after high school I got a job at the factory I worked long painful hours for very little pay and constantly thought of ways to earn money in a less painful way I finally got to save a bit of money and I bought my first computer paint jam one which ran on Windows I taught myself my way around the operating system and soon I was ready for the Internet the first time.

I went on the internet was an amazing experience for me and I knew right away that I wanted a career in information technology in I began my journey on how to build websites it was a really challenging journey because that day there wasn’t enough information on how to build websites on the Internet and a few books that were available or boring to read and too technical however I got them, in the end, I set up.

A freelance business and started designing websites for friends charities sports clubs blogs corporate businesses and made money along the way I know that sometimes when you talk about Web Design we air conditioned to think that you have to be a programmer and you have to know all these complicated programming languages like PHP JavaScript ASP and so on trust me you don’t need to know any of these programming languages to design website, in fact, I don’t even know any of these programmings.

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What i can do is actually at the actual rooms so go into the bookable units list and add the book of all unit I’m going to tell the standard room call this room we’ll worry about options later base price is what we had already defined the other settings guests get passed on from the type you can actually create more unit sin a single goal but for this example we’ll just keep it to one side it one standard room I’ll do want the locks room that locks keep everything as sand I’ll just do one more standard.

call this room and safe so now I have three rooms two of them of standard rooms and the other one is the locks now the first thing we want to do is make sure you get your pricing right so there’s two ways to do that I can either go into the manage pricing section of a single groom and manage the prices here can move backwards and forwards in my calendar I’m just going to do let’s see or do the standard thing of updating the price for august but safe if that’s when high season is so I’m just going to select the entire of August.

I say I want to increase the pricey twenty-five percent updated pricing and I have that my prices in August I go back to my book of all units now I could go in and do the same thing form deluxe room and the other standard room but we also have this bulk pricing management what this allows me to do is go directly in and manage multiple room sat the same time so I want to bump up the prices of my deluxe room and the other standard room for August by the same percentage or just choose all the dates I’ll say increase.

price by twenty-five percent an update room pricing so now all my rooms for August have the revised prices so I wanted too something a bit more particular like say during esp ember I want all my rooms to have let’s see for all of September during the weekends.